Snorkelling in Montego Bay

The clear blue waters that surround the island of Jamaica are bursting with marine life, and whether you stay close to the beach or opt for an offshore excursion you’re sure to meet many of the colourful inhabitants as you explore their impressive underwater world.

Boasting warm, tranquil water, snorkelling in Montego Bay is an activity that can be enjoyed by the whole family and equipment can be easily hired directly from your hotel or a local dive shop.

Montego Bay Marine Park

Most of the private and public beaches around Montego Bay are part of Montego Bay Marine Park, an area of protected sea water aimed at preserving the underwater environment for future generations.

Established in 1991, certain activities such as fishing and watersports are now restricted here and the extensive coral reefs make it a snorkeller’s paradise.

The area can be explored by simply entering the water at any of the beaches in the resort but you’ll find plenty of organised snorkelling excursions taking you to popular reefs such as Coyaba Reef and the Bogue Lagoon, one of Jamaica’s first fish sanctuaries.

Colourful tropical fish can be seen flitting through the sea grass beds and the numerous species of coral are home to plenty of other aquatic life including urchins, seahorses and rays.

Back at the Marine Park’s headquarters at the Pier One complex, visitors are invited to learn more about the work the trust carries out from community outreach programs to scientific monitoring of the area.

Doctors Cave Beach

Accessed through a cave, this pristine bay of white sand is one of the most popular private beaches in Montego Bay Marine Park. Shady palm trees offer respite from the sun while a hot mineral spring flows into the sea improving visibility and keeping the warm waters even warmer.

The calm, shallow water is perfect for even the youngest snorkeller in search of Nemo and the excellent facilities along the beach make it a real hit with families.

Discover a wide variety of marine life among the gorgeous coral beds including friendly clown and damsel fish so used to people they’ll swim right up to your hand. Snorkelling equipment and excursions are available from the beach.

Cornwall Beach

Another popular spot among visitors to Jamaica looking to explore the marine wonderland is Cornwall Beach.

Bursting with shallow reefs and steep vertical drop offs this underwater haven is home to a wide variety of exciting marine life boasting an abundance of angelfish, parrotfish, butterflyfish, rays and many species of brightly coloured coral. This is a great option for young families with little explorers wanting to spot colourful sea life.

Day cruises

For a memorable day at sea, jump onboard a luxury catamaran and sail across the sparkling Caribbean Sea enjoying the cool sea breeze as the island recedes behind you.

After a short safety briefing from your knowledgable crew, hop into the inviting water and float around the reef watching schools of tropical fish playing amongst the coral and eagle rays and sting rays skimming the ocean floor.

Once you’ve had your fill, relax on the deck with a cold drink from the onboard bar and tuck into authentic local cuisine before heading back to dry land.

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