7 day itinerary for people that want it all in Ibiza

Ibiza is the island of many faces. It has laid-back and party-centric beaches, a historic old town and a waterpark, local markets and top-notch cuisine. That’s before mentioning one of the best nightlife scenes in all of Europe. There are enough activities on this Mediterranean island to fill a history-heavy itinerary, a club-centric one or to try a new beach every day.

But in our opinion, the best holidays are varied ones, with bits and pieces from all aspects of the island so you can truly get a taste of Ibiza. We’ve outlined a well-balanced holiday itinerary to make sure you see all the highlights this beautiful and interesting place has to offer.

Monday - Spend the day at Portinatx

There’s no better way to introduce yourself to Ibiza than by spending a day at the beach. The island is rife with gorgeous beaches, whose atmospheres range from vibrant and upbeat to the ultimate in relaxation.

At the top of the island is the easy-going town of Portinatx, whose landscape is so beautiful it was chosen as the backdrop for the film South Pacific. Here, you can get well acquainted with Ibiza’s island life, sipping cocktails and grabbing seafood dishes at local beachside restaurants. After all, you’ll need your rest for more energetic days – and long nights – later in the week.

Tuesday - Explore the great outdoors

Ibiza’s landscape is laden with natural beauty that begs to be explored. You can spend a day descending into the Can Marca Dripstone caves, which have stalagmites and stalactites protruding from all angles and pools bubbling up in eerie greens and yellows.

Just off Ibiza’s coast is Es Vedra, a mysterious rock formation that’s the talk of many rumours, including one that it’s the tip of the lost city of Atlantis. If you hike up along the facing cliffs and gaze out towards it poking out of the blue sea, you can make a conclusion of your own.

Wednesday - Whisk down water slides at Aguamar

Ibiza is home to only one waterpark, but Aguamar is certainly worth the visit if you’re in the area. It’s a top pitstop if you’re travelling with kids, as it’s home to a number of water slides and a splash park that are child-friendly.

There are also more adrenaline-heavy rides like the Kamikaze and Black Hole for the adventure-seeking holidaygoer, plus lawns and pools for just relaxing.

Thursday - Hippy Market in Es Cana

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