A guide to Halkidiki's seasonal events

Visiting Halkidiki any time of year is going to afford a certain onslaught of sun and sand, plus ample amounts of relaxation.

That’s just the way of life out here. But if you come in the summertime especially, Halkidiki’s sleepy little resorts are transformed into performance venues, with open-air amphitheatres tucked up along the waterfront and traditional bites of Greek food.

They’re not only a top holiday activity to partake in, but act as a window into Greece’s long and culture-heavy past.

A popular spot

The number of holidaymakers venturing out to Halkidiki for what were once just little local celebrations is only growing, and they aren’t just coming from all four corners of Greece.

People from all over Europe and beyond are heading to Halkidiki’s gorgeous shores for internationally-renowned musicians and exciting theatre, both of which are well worth their salt.

While there are individual activities and events happening all across Halkidiki year-round, we’ve rounded up our favourite show-stopping festivals to get you feeling extra Greek and, above all, delightfully cultured.

Kassandra Festival

The Kassandra Festival is well-known throughout Halkidiki and typically takes place mid to late-summer in July and August. It attracts big names in art, music, dance and theatre from near and far, not to mention those that enjoy watching it.

Sani Festival

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