Seasonal events in Costa Brava

Whether it’s for romance, to reconnect with your family or to have the adventure of a lifetime with your best friends, Costa Brava is a part of Spain where the calendar is always rich with opportunities.

Throughout the year, this region of Spain, encompassing classic cities like Barcelona as much as idyllic seaside communities, offers fun in the sun of every description.

The Temps de Flors in May

As one of the prime cultural centres of Costa Brava, if you’re visiting the city of Girona in May it’ll coincide nicely with the Temps de Flors.

Translating as the Time of Flowers, it’s a superbly colourful springtime celebration of petals and prettiness that has the entire city in bloom.

The flower arrangements are orchestrated by the local community and dotted throughout the major landmarks of the city. You can expect to see them garlanding churches, framing streets and adorning arches all over.

To find the highlights pick up a map of the various decorative installations available to festival visitors.

The National Day of Catalonia

Costa Brava forms a large part of the Spanish region of Catalonia, where a distinct cultural identity has always flourished, complete with its own language.

Christmas markets aplenty

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