Seasonal events in Costa Blanca

Costa Blanca is undoubtedly one of the most vibrant regions in all of Spain, and as such, it comes with an action-packed schedule of yearly festivities.

From local fiestas to historical celebrations, there’s just about always something on the calendar. Partying here, you can expect live music, fancy dress, parades and a whole lot of fireworks.


Procession of the Three Kings

The Three Kings are those of biblical fame, otherwise known as the Three Wise Men. In Spain, they’re the real stars around the holidays.

In December, children will write letters to the Three Kings asking for presents, and if they’ve been good, will get a visit on 6th January. Across Spain, the arrival of the Three Kings is often marked with parades beginning on the night of the 5th, where they pass out presents to little ones in the street.


Carnival is as big of a deal in Costa Blanca as it is just about everywhere else. Beginning in the run up to Ash Wednesday in February, the streets are flooded with people in costume and parades featuring elaborate floats.

In Benidorm, the night is capped with fireworks, and on Ash Wednesday there’s typically a ceremony for the burial of the sardine, complete with an oversized sardine that’s placed in a coffin and paraded through the streets.



Though Fallas is a celebration that’s traditional in Valencia, it’s wound its way to Denia and has taken root for good.

The celebration is typically in the end of February or early March, and involves locals constructing oversized papier mache monuments to honour Saint Joseph.

In the final days of the celebration after the monuments have been suitably shown off, they’re set on fire and accompanied by people wearing traditional costumes, entertainment in the street and fireworks.


Bonfire of St John

The Bonfire of St John is a crazy big celebration that’s at its biggest in Alicante, a coastal resort that’s about a 40-minute drive from Benidorm.

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