North Vs South Goa

If you’re planning a big India escape, a Goa holiday is a fantastic opportunity to see the sunny side of the great country’s beachfront life. Yet even within the fairly small 100-kilometre stretch of Goa’s shoreline, a few key differences exist.

If you’re deciding whether to stay in north or south Goa, a quick blast through the facts will see you set up to enjoy your break knowing exactly where to go, and what you can enjoy when you get there.

The vibrant north

North Goa is known as being more active and vibrant than the southern part of the Indian state.

The sunny south

In southern Goa, tourism has been taken into its stride with confidence. Beaches are golden, the sky is always sunny and the hotels lean towards the more luxurious. That being said, many of the top resorts in south Goa are All Inclusive, so that luxury isn’t going to hurt your budget.

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