Nature trails of Paphos

While the Paphos region is home to a great many cities bursting with culture and history, there are just as many forests, gorges and nature trails that show a whole different side to this vibrant island.

Out here, you’ll find historic ruins, endemic plant species, animals and birds, not to mention incredible views out to sea and further inland. If you want to get the full picture of Cyprus, seeing Paphos’ natural side is a must.

Adonis, Akamas Forest Nature Trail

Length – seven and a half kilometres

Time – three to four hours

Aphrodite, Akamas Forest Nature Trail

Length – seven and a half kilometres

Time -three to four hours

As the name suggests, the Aphrodite trail is linked with the Adonis trail, so you’ll cover a bit of the same ground as the latter, and will also pass by the Baths of Aphrodite and the Queen’s Tower. The Aphrodite affords more views of the waterfront, however, as about half of it runs along the coast.

Artemis, Troodos Forest Nature Trail

Length – seven kilometres

Time – two and a half to three hours

Found in the Limassol side of Paphos, the Artemis trail winds through a black pine forest with a few trees that are almost a half-century old. You’ll also find Venetian ruins and will circle the top of Mount Olympos, which, as you can imagine, makes way for some pretty spectacular views.

Avakas Gorge, Akamas Forest Nature Trail

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