Music and dance in the Dominican Republic

Everywhere you travel throughout the Dominican Republic you’re going to encounter the rhythmic beat associated with dance, passion and the tambora – a two sided drum – or the guitar.

Whether it’s at a carnival, on a local radio station or at a nightclub, you’ll soon come under the spell of the music of the Dominican Republic and get those feet moving along to the beat.

Merengue - nothing to do with meringues

The merengue dances started life in the Dominican Republic and to this day there are merengue festivals throughout the country.

From the bolero to the bachata

Thanks in part to the genius Torville and Dean, the bolero invaded the universal public consciousness during the 1984 Olympics.

Dance from the soul

If you attend any of the fantastic Dominican Republic’s festivals you’ll be sure to see the merengue and the bachata performed and get to join in.

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