A long weekend itinerary for Thassos

Thassos is a low-key island, where even the Greeks travel on their holidays from the mainland.

At just 24 kilometres across at its widest point, you might not think there’d be much to do, but the island’s traditional villages, ancient sites and amazing viewpoints provide lots of charming activities.

Add to that some fun, pared-back evenings of Greek music and dancing, or joining in on summer festival events, and you have plenty to do on a long weekend here. Take a look at our guide to find out what to do in Thassos on your next short break.

Day one

In an island so full of history, you should head to its ancient epicentre on the first day.

Built on and around a Roman settlement, the island’s capital Thassos Town has evidence of its past everywhere, from the hilltop acropolis and 3,000-seater amphitheatre to the site of an ancient agora, or central market square.

While you’re in the capital, to find out more about Thassos check out one of Greece’s most highly-acclaimed museums – Limenas Archaeological Museum – which was renovated in 2013.

A huge array of finds is on display in the well-labelled exhibits here, from pottery and coins to tools and figurines, dating all the way back to the Neolithic period. You’ll find out just how important the Thassians were in ancient Greek times.

After a busy day exploring, it’ll be easy to find a bouzouki bar to chill out in. They’re basically Greek music bars where various instruments, including the bouzouki guitar, play Greek blues-style music, called rembetika, as you enjoy a drink. If you try the local tsipouro spirit be careful as it’s like ouzo but stronger.

Day two

Day three

For further wow-factor Aegean Sea views without the need to climb a mountain, we suggest taking a trip to the cliff-edge Monastery of the Archangel Michael.

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