Lapland Ski Holidays

Lapland is one of the most magical places to ski in the world. With a guarantee of snow, you’ll be racing down the slopes in no time.

A winter paradise

In the far north of Finland lies the province of Lapland, an area inhabited by the reindeer herding Sámi people. Lapland Ski holidays offer the opportunity to visit a magnificent winter paradise that features some quite extraordinary scenery, despite having long periods of relentless darkness throughout the winter. As one of the most popular times to visit Lapland, Christmas Ski holidays in Lapland have huge appeal to families, even though it is the darkest and coldest time of year when the sun barely rises above the horizon before dipping down again.

Lapland holidays appeal to those who love the great outdoors and particularly if you enjoy winter sports, which are popular pastimes with locals and tourists alike.

Visit the Finnish 'Ski Resort of the Year'

As a destination for skiing, Lapland is best known for the popular Lapland Ski resort Yllas, which was voted the Finnish Ski resort of the year by a panel of experts. The other most popular Lapland Ski resort is Levi, which like Yllas, presents excellent skiing for beginners and intermediates, superb facilities for families and great instructors that can teach even the absolute novice how to ski. Lapland Ski holidays offer the opportunity to enjoy the unique experience of a snow safari, where you can zip across the snow and ice through the incredible wilderness of Lapland, spotting wildlife and staying in traditional cabins.

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