Top museums of Lapland

When visiting Lapland, it isn’t all Santa, snowsports and Northern Lights. If you’re looking for cultural activities there are several museums where you can discover more about Lapland and take in some art or music. Have a look below for some of the best museums to visit in this northern region of Finland.

Discover more about the Arctic at Arktikum, Rovaniemi

The Arktikum museum in Rovaniemi is a fascinating adventure that makes a great holiday trip for families and kids. Designed to give its visitors a really immersive experience, you’ll find out all about the history of Finnish Lapland and the spectacular Arctic region.

At the Arctic Centre you can explore the Arctic in Change exhibition that gives you a detailed interactive insight into the area’s wildlife and landscape. It also showcases the Centre’s research findings regarding the influence of climate change on the animals and people living in this incredible landscape.

Explore the ancient sites of the Sami people at Siida, Inari

Inari town is around a four hour drive away from Rovaniemi, and is located on the shores of the beautiful Lake Inari. The Siida museum offers an amazing insight into the Sami people, who have lived in the Lapland region for thousands of years.

The Siida Museum incorporates the Sami Museum and Northern Lapland Culture Centre, where you can find out everything there is to know about the resilient Sami people and their culture. In the summer months there is also an open-air part to the museum where you can explore archaeological finds showing the earliest Sami settlements.

Find out why forests are important at the Pilke Science Centre, Rovaniemi

The family-friendly Pilke Science Centre takes you on a surprising and interesting journey into the world of forests and trees. Forests are hugely important to humanity, both in terms of the health of the planet as a whole and also as a commercial commodity. For example, you’ll find out how timber features in many everyday items including ice-cream and medicines.

Here, you’ll also find out about forest wildlife, the diversity of timber related industries and occupations and how scientific research is helping to ensure that we continue to have a healthy tree population worldwide.

Take in some art and music at Korundi House of Culture, Rovaniemi

Originally an old bus depot, the Korundi House of Culture is a sleek, spacious centre for music and the arts. Home to the Lapland Chamber Orchestra and Rovaniemi Art Museum this is a real creative hub in the Lapland region with a regular programme of concerts, conferences and exhibitions.

It’s worth taking a look to see what’s on before your visit to Lapland as there’s a wide concert programme covering pop, folk and classical music and a constantly changing programme of art exhibitions.

Learn about the world of gold prospecting at the Gold Prospector Museum, Tankavaara

Located around two and a half hours drive away from Rovaniemi, this unique museum is well worth a visit. The Gold Prospector Museum is the only museum in the world which gives a fascinating international history of gold prospecting and mining.

Starting with a display giving a detailed insight into the Finland Gold Rush of 1868 it also includes gold prospecting relics from more than 20 different countries. You’ll find out how the quest for gold inspired world explorers and the impact it had on individuals and international trade.

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