Turkey's most incredible sights

Resting across two continents has given Turkey the unique advantage of remaining a country of contrasts throughout its history. That means there’s so much to see here, so it can be tricky knowing how best to invest your time.

However, there’s no need to worry, because we’ve unearthed some of the greatest secrets Turkey has to offer. And we’re confident you’ll agree that such sights have helped this amazing nation stand tall as a holiday destination throughout the years.

Camp on the beach at Butterfly Valley

Close to the cosy coastal community of Olu Deniz is one of the best beaches in the country.

Simply follow the nature trail snugly tucked between two cliffs and you’re in the right spot. It’s here that Butterfly Valley – named for the wonderful winged friends that make their homes here – shows off Turkey’s natural beauty to its fullest.

Rolling green meadows populated by laid-back travellers and self-service food huts give the place a real off-the-beaten-track feel, and if that wasn’t enough nature for one day, you can camp here overnight by the beach.

See the hillside homes of Pigeon Valley

It’s another animal-themed valley, but this one is a little different. In the fairytale region of Cappadocia, where spires and stone houses tell tales of times gone by, Pigeon Valley takes its name from the little winged messengers that were at the centre of society here.

The architecture is captivating, with rugged sandy hills dotted with houses that crawl up the inclines like they’ve been poured onto the landscape. Visitors to Cappadocia often feel as though they’ve stepped into a fantasy world, but rest assured the reality of these masterfully built rock homes are very much real.

The magnificence of Istanbul

No list of beautiful Turkish places would be complete without including Istanbul. With attractions such as Hagia Sofia and the Grand Bazaar there’s plenty to see. Plus, the mosques and testaments to Suleiman the Magnificent are truly breathtaking, but don’t let the photos undersell their majesty. Visit for yourself, then duck into the alcoves and arches of the fabled Grand Bazaar to barter for some baklava and stock up on souvenirs.

Drift along the Turkish Riviera

With all that rolling land and culture to take in, you shouldn’t forget Turkey’s historic relationship with the sea. The Turkish Riviera stretches along the shorelines of some of the country’s most appealing spots, where fishing boats and old sailing ships mingle masts with modern yachts and touring boats.

You won’t regret a trip over the water – not after you’ve taken in the shimmering azure water and achingly blue skies. The architecture of these coastal communities evokes the tales of times gone by, while the meals on offer make the catch of the day the focus of your dinner plate.

Step back in time in Konya, home of the Whirling Dervishes

In the 12th century, the Seljuk Dynasty helped the ancient city of Konya flourish and, although they’re not around today, Turkey is never a nation to forget its roots. With its domes, spires and decorative elements, the architecture here has taken plenty of influences from this bygone age. But the main reason so many people visit is to watch the Whirling Dervishes – dancers whose flowing fabrics and intricately timed movements make for a brilliant spectacle.

Visit the natural pristine pools of Pamukkale

Stacked up in a staircase of splendours, the natural pools of Pamukkale form a soothing spa, as well as securing a place on the UNESCO World Heritage Site list. The white basins of water are also close to the Roman ruins of Hierapolis. There’s both natural and historic beauty to admire, and for that reason we’d definitely recommend a trip here.

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