7 great reasons to hire a car in Las Vegas

We love the tireless atmosphere that gives Las Vegas the title of the Bright Light City, but sometimes, we like to step out of the limelight and into something different. Luckily, Las Vegas is surrounded by an incredible desert landscape with parks and landmarks that are easy to reach by car, creating plenty of road trip potential for your Las Vegas holiday.

If you find yourself in the Vegas area and want to branch out from the strip, why not hire a car and visit some of these seven incredible places nearby?

Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area

You can see the craggy, red adobe peaks of Red Rock Canyon from the Las Vegas strip, but once you’re out in this barren desert landscape, the sights and sounds of the strip couldn’t feel further away.

A 21-kilometre loop crosses a number of the most sought-out features in Red Rock Canyon and makes exploring this area by bike or car easy. A number of scenic points along the route allow you to park and get out to spot native plants and animals or hike up sandy slopes.

The Grand Canyon

Since you’ve probably heard of the Grand Canyon, we won’t spend too much time explaining how jaw-droppingly gorgeous its towering, millions-of-years-old rock walls and valleys are. About a two and a half hour drive from Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon is easily reachable on your own, but you’ll find a number of group trips and helicopter tours you can join, too.

Hoover Dam

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