6 great reasons to hire a car in Kefalonia

Kefalonia is the biggest island in all of the Ionian archipelago, and one of the largest in the Mediterranean. As such, there’s a lot on offer here in the ways of beaches and activities, plus a bit of a trek in between.

The easiest and most cost-effective way to travel between it all is by hiring a car – that way, you can ensure you won’t miss a morsel of Kefalonia’s rich island culture. Here’s just why we suggest you hire a car in Kefalonia.

It's the best and most reliable way to see the island

Kefalonia’s public transportation is very limited, consisting of buses that can sometimes be unreliable.

They’re a good last minute resort should you find yourself in a pickle, but otherwise you’re largely confined to taxis if you want to get between resorts or activities that are too far to walk between.

That’s where hire cars come in handy – you can see Kefalonia at your own pace, without having to worry about booking taxis or relying on others to make your dinner reservations.

You can beach hop with ease

Kefalonia is renowned for its beaches-, which come in just about every size, shape and colour you can think of. With the beaches logically being confined to the coast, you’d potentially need to do some light travelling to get between them.

And throw in some lakes and caves for good measure

The island’s pebbly coastlines may be stunning, but what’s inside is just as good. We’re talking about the caves and lakes that make up inland Kefalonia.

Having a car will open the doors on voyages to natural wonders like the epic Melissani Cave and the epically eerie Drogarati Cave in Sami, plus the lakes that surround them. Once there, you can paddle through the underground waterways to your heart’s content, discovering massive chambers and natural skylights.

Your travels are totally self-contained

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