Great days out for families in Gambia

A narrow country in West Africa, following the course of its namesake River Gambia, Gambia has beaches to the west, wildlife spotting opportunities along the river and in the many wildlife reserves, plus colourful fishing villages and cities with bustling markets.

Read on to find out where to go to make the most of this country that’s rich in family activities.


Every town in Gambia – and also some of the villages – has its own market where you and the family can wander stalls of fruit and vegetables and pick up crafts like carvings and paintings, plus handmade leather goods and decorative bowls.

Visit the capital

Gambia’s capital, Banjul, is the smallest capital in Africa, in fact it’s not even the biggest city in Gambia as that title goes to Serekunda.

Natural tours

Seeing green vervet monkeys playing in your hotel grounds might give you a taste for a wildlife tour, and the options for either guided or unguided tours are vast.

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