Carnivals in Gran Canaria

The Spanish island of Gran Canaria is bursting with excitement all year round, especially during the annual celebration of Carnival in February and March. But whatever time of year you’re looking to visit, there’s usually a festive event happening somewhere on the island, and here are some of the best.

Witness the turn of the season at the Almond Bloom Festival

Gran Canaria’s festive year kicks off towards the end of January with the Fiesta del Almendro en Flor.

It’s most popular in the centre of the island where the white flowers of the almond trees blossom and create a visual wonderland for you to enjoy while you sample the local almond-based produce.

Traditional folk music provides the backdrop for the festivities as you experience one of Gran Canaria’s most natural and stunning celebrations.

Bring out your theatrical side at Maspalomas Carnival

Live, laugh and love at the Carnival of Las Palmas

Given it’s the capital of Gran Canaria, it’s unsurprising that the Carnival in Las Palmas is the biggest event on the island’s calendar. Running for almost a whole month, the Carnival boasts a fantastic array of daily contests and parties for all ages to enjoy and partake in, from costume competitions to musical theatre showdowns.

There’s even a contest for body painting and the crowning of the gala queen – and drag queen – is a highlight that many people enjoy. Then a blaze of colour takes to the streets with the unforgettable final parade and lights up the night sky through fireworks.

End the Carnival season the right way in Agaete

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