Nature trails and cycle tours of Goa

Away from its bustling beaches and seafront bars, the state of Goa offers holidaymakers an abundance of peaceful nature trails and scenic cycleways to explore.

If you’re looking to adventure at a leisurely pace during your holiday to Goa, here are a few of our favourite ways to do so on two wheels or on the water.

Kayaking from Candolim and Bogmalo

Wherever you stay in Goa, you’re never far from a few natural wonders.

If bird spotting in thick mangrove forests and paddling through riverside hamlets and fishing communities sounds like your idea of a good day out, you might like to take a kayaking trip with Goa Nature Trails during your time away.

Goa Cycling Tours

If you prefer wheels to water, some great cycle tours are available around the Goan coast too. Companies like Goa Cycling Tours offer easy-paced countryside explorations that take in panoramic viewpoints and quaint buildings en route.

DIY days out

If you prefer to be your own guide, keep an eye out for bicycle rental options at beachside shops and hotels. The average cost of hiring a push bike for the day is around £1, and provided you set off with plenty of water, a puncture repair kit and a map, an excellent DIY adventure awaits.

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