A Guide to Flea Markets in Goa

Although most famous for its relaxed beach life and seemingly endless sunshine, Goa takes the superb tradition of the market days of India to the next level. It’s one aspect of a holiday here you’re always wise to keep in mind, especially since these bustling bazaars are a spectacle of colour, aroma and sound. Here are a few recommended flea markets to round off your trip.

A season of shopping

It’s the equivalent of winter back home when you can indulge in Goa’s flea markets, as their active season ranges from November through to January. Each one of these vibrant commercial centres has something a little different to offer.

Anjuna Market

Although it was originally something of a market for the new-age types, nowadays Anjuna Market appeals to everyone. Each Saturday until 6pm, the aisles and stalls of Anjuna Market are garlanded with colour and opportunity.

Mackies Night Market

One of the new flea markets to grace Goa is the Mackies Night Market. As you might expect from the name, doors for this one open from 6pm every Saturday and the whole place won’t shut up shop until past 1am, giving you plenty of time to browse and barter.

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