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Fun facts about Montenegro

The small country of Montenegro, situated between Bosnia, Serbia and Albania, is a little off the radar. But its pine-fringed coastal resorts, atmospheric medieval villages and majestic mountainous terrain make it well worth a visit. We shed some light on Montenegro and its culture with the following interesting facts.

Over 60% of Montenegro is over 1,000 metres high

Most of Montenegro's landscape consists of rugged mountains, steep valleys, glacial lakes, wetlands and densely wooded forests.

Its lofty geography is where Montenegro gets its name from, as it means black mountains. Bobotov Kuk Mountain is the highest in the country at 2,523 metres but there are several other mountains in national parks that loom over Montenegro. Mount Lovcen is 1,749 metres high and Mount Rumija in the Lake Skadar National Park is around 1,600 metres above sea level, both of which giving views out over the Adriatic Sea.

Montenegrins prefer old wedding dresses

It's traditional for elaborate wedding dresses to be passed down in families over the generations, making it common for Montenegrin brides to wear beautifully embroidered vintage dresses with layers of fine lace, which are over a century old. Another Montenegro tradition is for newlyweds to plant an olive tree on their wedding day as a symbol of their enduring love.

Brad Pitt had his first leading film role in Montenegro

Way back in 1988 when Brad Pitt was starting out, he won a role in a film shot entirely in Montenegro. He played Rick, a man searching for a cure for his light-sensitive skin in the movie Dark Side of the Sun. He was paid just USD$1,523 for seven weeks of filming but presumably this role helped prepare him for his portrayal of a vampire in the 1994 film Interview with the Vampire.

Montenegro has the deepest canyon in Europe

Tara Canyon is the deepest in Europe and one of the deepest in the world. Running 82 kilometres along the length of the River Tara, the Tara River Canyon marks the border between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro, and reaches a maximum depth of 1,300 metres.

You can see wild wolves and bears in Montenegro

In areas such as Durmitor National Park you can spot wild wolves, bears and boars. There are also around 163 different species of birds, including eagles and several types of newts, frogs and lizards.

It’s okay if you miss someone’s wedding

In Montenegrin culture it's fine to miss a wedding, but it's considered extremely bad manners indeed to miss a funeral. As in many cultures funerals are big social events, so if you're invited ideally you should turn up.

Montenegrins really love mobile phones

On a whole, Montenegrins love to talk and communicate with each other. Perhaps this is why Montenegro has the highest number of mobile phones per capita in Europe and the second highest in the world – only Saudi Arabia has more mobiles per person. Interestingly, Montenegro also currently has one of the slowest average internet speeds in Europe.

Our Lady of the Rocks island gets bigger every year

Our Lady of the Rocks lies off the coast of Perast in the scenic Bay of Kotor and was entirely manmade by fishermen throwing rocks into the bay over the centuries to give thanks for successful fishing trips. This tradition commemorates the finding of a Madonna and Child icon in the bay in 1452 and now annually on 22nd July, Montenegrins take their boats and continue to throw rocks into the sea.

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