Fun facts about Bulgaria

A holiday to Bulgaria is a fun getaway, whether you’re opting for the parties and sun of Sunny Beach or the cultural treasures of Nessebar. Bulgaria actually has several claims to fame, plus a long and often surprising history. Have a look at some of our Bulgarian fun facts to brush up on your trivia before your trip.

Bulgarian people

Natural knowledge

Although the country has a cosmopolitan flair in its towns and cities, the natural world is highly respected and taken care of here. If you’re not convinced by the countless photographs of Bulgaria’s beauty you can find online, let some numbers do the talking.

To start, one third of Bulgaria’s entire surface area is covered in forests and woodlands. As if that isn’t impressive enough, there are 40 mountains recognised in the country, as well as over 600 mineral water springs, making Bulgaria the country with the most mineral springs in Europe.

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