Five things you might not know about Gambia

There’s a reason why one of Africa’s smallest countries is also one of the most fascinating. In fact, we can actually think of five fantastic reasons why a Gambia holiday is a smart way to experience new sights on your next break.

Myths of origin

Both in Gambia and elsewhere in West Africa, myths and legends have emerged regarding how Gambia came to be.

If you look at the country on a map, it’s thin, wriggly and distinctive, and it’s also Africa’s smallest mainland country. The local legend holds that the shape of the country stems from the Age of Sail and the colonial era.

Why Gambia rocks

Together with Senegal – the African nation that surrounds Gambia’s north, west and east like a geographic cuddle – Gambia is home to the Senegambian Stone Circles.

Water, water everywhere

Almost 12% of Gambia’s entire surface area is water, making for roughly 1,300 square kilometres of the country’s total size. That’s because Gambia traces the curves of the River Gambia.

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