5 things you didn't know about Slovenia

Although it’s one of the most popular holiday destinations in Central Europe, there’s a great deal more to Slovenia than meets the eye. Its history takes in Holy Roman Empire influences as much as classic, gothic and Hungarian flavours, plus plenty of local legends gives Slovenia a unique identity.

If you’re planning a trip here, make sure you brush up on your knowledge, as Slovenia has plenty of aces up its sleeve. Our five fast facts are just the start of what this intriguing little nation has to offer.

1. Reaching for greater heights

There’s certainly no shortage of places to ski in Europe, and many of us are used to the slopes of Austria and the Alps of Italy.

However, in Slovenia they’ve upped their game to tremendous effect, with the magnificent Planica ski resort, close to the Tamar Valley.

It’s here that one of the highest ski jumps in the world is located, and throughout the last 80 years or more it’s been home to over 60 world records for brave souls who’ve conquered its slope, to soar beyond.

2. The daring pair

In 1990, history was made in the Himalayas as Slovenian married couple Andrej and Marija Stremfelj were the first husband and wife duo to conquer Everest. Slovenian people are no strangers to mountaintops, since the country is rich with peaks and valleys, but Everest is always a tall order no matter where you’re from.

Doubling up on the record-breaking, Marija herself was the first Slovenian woman ever to reach the summit of Everest. It’s something to ponder as you explore the hills and valleys of Slovenia on your next trip.

3. Keeping chivalry alive

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