Festivals of the Dominican Republic

You can visit the Dominican Republic in any month you please and still be able to enjoy a local festival. Known as ‘fiestas patronales’, or feast days, these celebrations are held in honour of the town’s patron saint, and are a wonderful fusion of Christian and African traditions.

Start your year with a drumbeat

Starting at the beginning of the year, if you choose January as the month for your visit you’ll be spoilt for festival choice.

Enjoy the Dominican Republic's national festival

February is the month when the Dominican Republic celebrates its independence from neighbouring Haiti. La Romana is an hour and a half drive away from the capital Santo Domingo, where you can go and view this astonishing spectacle.

Celebrating multiculturalism

The feast day of John the Baptist on 24th June is celebrated with gusto in San Juan de la Maguana in the centre of the Dominican Republic.

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