Day Trips To Rovaniemi

Experience the magic of Christmas

Watch the children's faces light up

From the minute you check-in at the airport until the moment you climb wearily back onto your flight home, day trips to {:Rovaniemi} will fill you with the magical spirit of Christmas from start to finish. Your flight will be spent singing Christmas carols and as soon as you land at Rovaniemi airport you will be greeted by excited elves, and taken straight to Santa’s Secret Grotto where you will receive your Lapland passport. Now you are officially one of Santa’s little helpers for the day. Rovaniemi day trips are perfect for very young children as more time is spent inside.

Watch the children’s faces light up as you learn all about the Arctic Circle crossing ceremony and follow a candlelit trail through snowy pine forests. The excitement mounts as you experience a thrilling reindeer or husky ride, with the children excitedly looking out for Rudolph and his friends, or take a toboggan ride across the glistening white snow before enjoying a cup of warm berry juice and eating gingerbread biscuits around the campfire.

Experience a magical Christmas dream

As cheeks glow rosy red from the fireside, it’s time for the main event…meeting Santa Claus himself! Visit him in his secret hideaway and receive your very special gift from him. There’s just time to tell him what you would like for Christmas and for him to check his ‘naughty list’ before you’re whisked off to Elf School. Here you’ll learn all about their very special jobs and they might even let you into a few of Santa’s special secrets!

Mrs Claus will make you a wonderful tea and you’ll even get to help her decorate the gingerbread men. Post letters to your friends in Santa’s very own post-box to tell them what a great time you are having before it’s time for the elves to whisk you back to Rovaniemi airport. As you board your flight following day trips to Lapland, the children will fight to keep their excited little eyes open as they fall asleep wondering if it has all been a very magical Christmas dream or did they really just get to meet the real Santa…?

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