Discover how the huskies saved Christmas…

The excitement starts as soon as you check in for your day trip to Kittila as the Christmas carols ring through the air and the cabin crew hand out their festive goodies. As soon as you arrive in snow filled Kittila you will be taken straight to the Snow Village and a wonderful log cabin where Mrs Claus has been very busy in the kitchen. After a sumptuous lunch it’s time to meet the reindeer and learn how to drive a sledge, all successful trainee Santas will receive their very own sledge driving license, only to be used on Christmas Eve of course.

The elves and local herders are waiting to tell tales of Christmas and the cheeky things the reindeers get up to while they await that very special night. They also have a legendary tale about how the huskies saved Christmas, all wonderful anecdotes that your children will pass on to their children and ones that will be relived from every Christmas from here on. Now it’s time for some serious fun in the snow on your Kittila day trip, as you take a husky ride through the snow filled countryside and discover just how the huskies are trained, you might even get to try this for yourself, just imagine, telling all your friends that you helped to train Santa’s huskies.

Be touched by the true spirit of Christmas…

Having had a snowball fight, built snowmen and made snow angels, it’s time for hot berry juice and fresh gingerbread around the camp fire. Here a real Lappish storyteller or ‘Shaman’ will captivate you with a showing of their special Arctic ceremony and the helpful little elves will teach you how to say ‘hello’ in Finnish, the language of Santa. Then it’s time to meet Santa Claus himself and not only show off your language skills but take the chance to ask for that very special present you hope to find in your stocking on Christmas morning. After checking his list to see if you’ve been naughty or nice, it’s time to receive a very special gift from him, especially for you.

Before the magical day trips to Kittila come to an end there’s just time to pop into the Ice Hotel, where literally everything from the tables and chairs, walls and floors and glasses and cups are made of ice, a totally surreal experience to round off all Kittila day trips. As you head back to the airport, starry eyed yet very weary children will be reliving every single miraculous minute of their very special day, and even the adults will have been touched by the true spirit of Christmas and have memories that will last long after the mince pies have been eaten and the pine needles have fallen from your tree.

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