A Guide To Watersports in Cyprus

The jaw-dropping beaches of Cyprus are famous with good reason, yet you’re more than likely to find that many of your adventures in Cyprus take place out at sea.

There’s a thriving watersports culture here, which welcomes both experienced adrenaline hounds as much as newbies. Slip on your flippers, snap down that snorkel and join us as we explore the opportunities in Cyprus for getting wet and wild.

Explore by boat

On the gentler side of things, Cyprus has an active community of boating enthusiasts.

From Limassol to Protaras, Larnaca and beyond, you’ve got plenty of choices open to you.

On the higher end of the spectrum are yacht charters, giving you the chance to gather up your nearest and dearest to explore the water in comfort and luxury, while there are also smaller boats available for reasonable costs.

Banana boats are also a popular choice with families – big yellow bundles of fun that bounce along the sea. Whether you’re sailing or cruising on a motorboat, there’s a vessel out there to suit your seafaring style.

Slide on some waterskis

Whether it’s your first attempt or you’re casting out on the ocean waves for the umpteenth time, waterskiing is always a popular choice for watersports enthusiasts.

The sea surrounding Cyprus is known for being pleasingly warm all year round, although ideally you’ll be staying above the surface as you’re hauled at high speed by a powerful motorboat.

It’s an exhilarating experience, to be enjoyed in most of the more developed coastal towns, like Limassol, Latchi and Larnaca.

Race on a jet ski if you feel the need for speed

Rental jetskis in Cyprus are very modern, so even if you’ve never tried one before, you’re going to find them pretty intuitive to use. It’s like riding a bike, albeit one capable of roaring across the waves at considerable speeds, but your safety is in hand at all times.

Operators make sure you’re cruising in open water under supervision, while the design of the jetskis themselves makes them difficult to capsize. Numerous routes and tours are available, allowing you to take in the sights from the back of a powerful machine under your control.

Try your hand at windsurfing

Windsurfing and kitesurfing are closely related ways of cruising across the water, and many of the specialist watersports centres in Cyprus will have those options. As always, beginners and experienced windsurfers are welcome.

The boards used are somewhat bigger than the surfboards you’re likely to have seen before, which means that learning how to windsurf is not going to involve quite as much falling into the deep.

It’s also good for exercise and developing core strength, because you’re moving the boom – the ‘handle’ on the sail – as you’re travelling, propelled forward by the wind.

Dive to the depths for sunken stories

With oxygen strapped to your back and a wetsuit to protect you from the elements, the warm sea of Cyprus makes for an inviting place to sink beneath the surface. There’s plenty of colourful marine wildlife to meet, as well as pretty collections of coral and natural reefs to twist and turn around between.

However, a big draw for divers in Cyprus is the shipwreck of the Zenobia, a ferry that sank decades ago and has remained untouched.

The sunken ship is off the coast of Larnaca, so hiring scuba gear from there, or taking part in one of the many Zenobia tours offered in the city, gives you the ideal chance to experience one of the top 10 diving wrecks in the world.

Everything else in between

Cyprus has much more to offer besides – parasailing lets you take flight behind a cruising motorboat, and canoeing inland is also doable if you want something a little closer to terra firma.

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