Costa Brava waterparks

A holiday to Costa Brava guarantees plenty of things, from good food and world-class culture to fine wines and, of course, endless days of hot sunshine on the beach.

If you’re going with your family, or simply seeking some wet and wild entertainment, you’ll delight in knowing that some of the best waterparks around can be found in this same glorious region of sunny Spain.

We’ve listed them for you below to help you work a waterpark into your holiday plans, although we wouldn’t blame you for wanting to try them all.

Water World

Tucked up close to Lloret De Mar, Water World is perhaps the most well-known of all of Costa Brava’s waterparks.

There’s a great reason behind that – the fact that the slides and rides here are second to none. And you can enjoy them between the end of may and mid-September each year.

The good news is, it’s not all thrills and spills. In fact, places like the Kid’s Lagoon, the hot tubs and the aptly named La Calma Pools let you cool off between escapades.

They’re also a great way for families to help little ones less adept in the water to gain some confidence. That’s definitely worth doing, because the chutes you can enjoy at Water World are some of the most exciting around, and luckily they have been designed to factor in all levels of courage.

For instance, Water Worlds Soft Runs and the Water Small slide have enough twists and turns to keep you guessing, but all without being too scary. Of course, you can totally up the ante by heading for the bigger and more boastful rides, and perhaps the pick of the bunch there would be Storm.

Aqua Brava

Open between June and September, Aqua Brava is north of Girona and Barcelona, at the very north of the Costa Brava coast.

It’s undoubtedly worth the trip though, boasting superb attractions like the Black Hole, a water tunnel to slide down that occasionally obscures you in pitch darkness while rollicking you left and right around its curves.


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