A chocolate lover's guide to the Caribbean

It’s not just the cultivation of cocoa beans that makes the Caribbean the go-to destination for chocoholics.

The culture of chocolate, as well as countless unique brands, make every island here a new flavour to try. Just as each island in the Caribbean has its own distinctive identity, so too does each of these destinations have a rather individualistic take on the best ways to enjoy chocolate.

Although cocoa has been grown in the Caribbean since the colonial age, it’s feeling a revamp today that, coupled with the islands’ popularity with tourists, has led to a whole new era of choco-tourism. There’s no better time to read some of our tips on where the finest chocolate in the Caribbean can be found.


They say that chocolate milkshake was invented in Jamaica, although accounts tend to vary.


Barbados boasts chocolate that’s smooth and flavoursome, and that’s partly down to the organic, Fairtrade and precise way in which it’s both grown and produced.

St Lucia

Even by Caribbean standards, St Lucia does chocolate well, not least thanks to the island’s reputation for exquisite luxuries that also don’t break the bank. Chocolate spa treatments, for instance, are a local treatment well worth getting involved in, with particularly sweet facials.

Some of the best chocolate factories in the Caribbean make their home on the island, making the most of their proximity to the cocoa plantations.

The great news is, tours of those factories don’t just give you a chance to see how the magic happens. If you get involved in the Emerald Estate tour, you have the chance to get stuck into the leading chocolate laboratory on the island, hand-crafting a bar of the good stuff to take home.

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