The caves of Slovenia

Aside from the country’s famed lakes and fairytale castles, Slovenia is home to an impressive network of caves, including the world’s largest subterranean canyon. Learn about species unique to Slovenian caves and marvel in awe under enormous stalactites as you discover a magical new world full of underground halls and mysterious tunnels.

Postojna Cave

Less than an hour’s drive from the coastal resort of Portoroz, Slovenia’s most visited cave serves up a remarkable five kilometres of underground trails.

You’ll start your subterranean journey on board the unique cave railway and head through a web of tunnels and passages, admiring the natural rock formations.

Visitors are invited to explore the cave’s impressive halls on foot, which all enjoy different colour and shape stalagmites and stalactites. Within the Concert Hall you’ll find another extraordinary feature to this bizarre under world – the odd-looking and eyeless Human Fish, which can live for 100 years.

Vilenica Cave

This fully illuminated cave system located in the far west of Slovenia has been welcoming visitors since as early as 1633, making it one of the world’s oldest show caves. Named after the Slovene word for fairies, locals believe Vilenica is home to good fairies, and the international literary award under the same name is presented annually in the cavernous Dance Hall.

Skocjan Caves

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