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The Mountains of Cape Verde

Cape Verde is known for having some of the most beautiful mountain ranges in the world – and with them, a fantastic array of hiking trails. The 10 islands that make up this country have over 20 mountain ranges between them, which is a huge draw if you're a visiting hiking or nature enthusiast.

Many of the mountains are volcanoes – some dormant, some still active – and they give this collection of islands some truly breathtaking landscapes. Because of the steepness of these mountains most of the climbs are only suitable for adults with decent fitness levels.

But, if you're an avid hiker and looking for some thrills and exceptional views, Cape Verde is the place to visit. Here are a few of the mountains that have the best climbing opportunities.

Pico Do Fogo

Pico Do Fogo is the highest peak in Cape Verde and rises up to 2,829 metres above sea level.

It's located on the island of Fogo, and the mountain itself is actually an active volcano. This volcano last erupted in 2014 and sadly destroyed part of a village nearby. It's recently been reopened to hikers, but you'll definitely need to be experienced to make this climb, and it's best to hire a guide for the duration.

As you start your climb you'll walk past vineyards that are set on the edge of the crater, taking advantage of the rich, volcanic soil. The view at the top of Pico Do Fogo is incredible, as you look down on the other islands from above the clouds. It takes around three hours to reach the top.

Monte Verde

Monte Verde is located on the island of Sao Vicente and its name means 'green mountain' in Portuguese. To get to the peak you walk along vegetable fields and part of a natural park. It's one of the quickest walks, taking only around 15 or 20 minutes to reach the summit.

You can also walk from the city of Mindelo or take a car. Considering it's such a short climb to the top, Monte Verde's view is surprisingly all-encompassing. You'll get a panoramic view of the entire island, as well as the islands of Santa Luzia to the east and Santo Antao to the northwest.

Serra da Malagueta

You'll find this mountain on the northern part of the island of Santiago. At 1,064 metres above sea level, the peak makes up part of Serra da Malagueta natural park and its surroundings are incredibly green and vibrant.

It's a fairly easy track to the top, but if you're not an experienced climber you might want some help getting there. The path is very well maintained and can be driven up by both motorbikes and taxis.

Once you reach the top you'll be engulfed by clouds and will just be able to make out the deserted villages down below.

Topo da Coroa

Topo da Coroa is the second-tallest mountain in Cape Verde with its highest point reaching 1,979 metres. It can be found on the island of Santo Antao, known for its fantastic hiking opportunities.

Santo Antao is Cape Verde's second-largest island, and a large mountain range in its centre divides it into two halves. Today there is a road between the two sides so you can explore all areas of the island and find plenty of hiking routes.

Topo da Coroa is a volcanic mountain with steep slopes. The trail isn't as obvious as other mountain routes, so you'll need a guide.

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