A trip to Cairo

The land of the pharaohs a few thousand years ago, and now a bustling contemporary holiday destination, Egypt continues to prove popular with tourists. Easily reachable from bases like Sharm el Sheikh, get your travel mojo going with a trip to Cairo, the nation’s capital.

Hustle and bustle

The moment you set foot in this intriguing city, after an hour’s flight from Sharm el Sheikh, prepare to be mesmerised by the sights and sounds around you. If you thought this historic town would be boring, think again.

Walking through history

It’s not just the markets and the people that contribute to Cairo’s mystique. In fact, the biggest appeal for many is the country’s famous history, which holidaymakers can revisit with a trip to the Egyptian Museum.

Centres of learning

Cairo has so much history you could spend all of your trip absorbing it. So, a visit to one of the city’s ancient madrassas, or seats of learning, may come in handy. Or you can always check out the stunning Beit el-Suhaymi, a 17th century family mansion in the fascinating Darb al-Asfar alley.

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