A guide to Aqualand Corfu

You’ll have a hard time pulling yourself away from the Aqualand Resort on the island of Corfu. With a full-blown hotel attached to a full-blown waterpark, it’s basically a one-stop holiday shop.

Of course, we encourage you to step outside the hotel boundaries and see a little bit of the island beyond, but don’t say we didn’t warn you. With this handy guide, we’ll show you why.

Part hotel

At its heart, the Aqualand Resort is just that – a resort.

It’s your home base for all things creature comforts in Corfu, including comfy, simply-decorated rooms, a main restaurant and snack bar beside the pool and, now that we mention it, a pool. And that’s not even counting the waterpark just on your doorstep.

Part waterpark

The Aqualand Resort has scored 10 out of 10 for location – it stares down the Aqualand Waterpark, and affords its guests unlimited, complimentary access. And it’s no oversized pool scene, if that’s what you’re thinking.

The Aqualand Waterpark is a full-blown water-logged playground, equipped with all the classic waterslides you’ve come to expect from any park worth its salt, plus a few extras.

In addition to the classic tube and body slides, there are thrillers whose ominous names are the likes of the Black Hole, the Four Twisters, the Hydri-tube and a collection of Kamikazes. You’ve also got a pair of free fall slides, family raft rides, a lazy river and your basic but all-necessary pools.

The kids’ activities at Aqualand include a big children’s pool and tot-friendly waterslides, plus a multi-level splash park that’ll keep little ones occupied for days. And if they don’t want to get wet, no problem – there’s a dry playground, bouncy castle and video game rooms as well.

The rooms

Just like holidaymakers aren’t one size fits all, neither are the rooms at the Aqualand Resort.

The bare minimum on the room scale is more than enough, starting with a double bedroom. Even these rooms come with a balcony or terrace.

Next up, you’ve got a family-sized room, found on the ground floor of the resort. The room is open-plan with a half-wall separating the double bed from the living area, which has a couch that folds out to another bed.

Then there’s the family maisonette, which is divided into two floors and features a double bed, single bed, pull-out couch and a kitchenette so that you can go Self Catering.

At the very end of the spectrum is a spacious apartment, which also features two floors but only one double bed on the top floor and a living space downstairs with a pull out couch.

Going All Inclusive

With a family maisonette room you’ve got the option to whip up your own cuisine for a Self Catering-style holiday, but the restaurants and snack bars at the Aqualand Resort will have you more than covered in the food department.

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