Sol Beach House Phu Quoc

As soon as you arrive at the Sol Beach House Phu Quoc, you’ll be mesmerised by the fantastic pool. It’s stylish, opulent and comes with sea views. And just by the pool, you have direct access to the pristine white-sand beach.

The hotel is ideal if you’re looking to get away from it all and indulge yourself in seclusion. It’s perfect for a relaxing break. By the pool, the sundeck is the place for soaking up the sun on Bali beds, or you can drift out to the floating island to close your eyes in a hammock.

Elsewhere in the hotel, there’s a trio of eateries, a spa and a well-equipped gym.

Overview of Duong Dong

Duong Dong is around half an hour from the Sol Beach House Phu Quoc and is the largest town on the island of Phu Quoc. It’s a lively and bustling place where you can soak up traditional Vietnamese island life and explore its fascinating history.

The island of Phu Quoc is more than half covered by Phu Quoc National Park, abundant in tropical jungles and mountains – and great places to explore.

If you’re looking for holidays to Vietnam, Duong Dong is a great choice. You’ll be captivated by the beautiful beaches, the night markets and the delicious seafood.

Things to do in Duong Dong

As you wander around Duong Dong, you’ll pass a bevvy of local temples. Several of these are open to the public, so feel free to visit and learn more about religions such as Cao Dai, which originated on the island.

Duong Dong is most famous for its day and night markets, which are utterly unique. They sell everything from fresh foods to crafts, so you can pick up all your holiday souvenirs – and haggling is expected for every item, so be prepared.

If you fancy leaving the Sol Beach House Phu Quoc one evening, head to one of the seafood restaurants in Duong Dong for beautiful, locally caught fish served the Vietnamese way.

Relax and recharge your batteries with a once-in-a-lifetime stay in Vietnam. Packed with history, art, culture and mile after mile of glorious beach, it will bewitch you and you’ll want to book again before you’ve even unpacked.

Resort Summary

Its day and night markets are what make Duong Dong holidays so unique. Haggling is pretty much expected of everyone, so it’s best to try the more relaxed day market if you’re a beginner to bargaining. You can try some easy-going haggling at a street food stall to start off with, getting yourself a bargain on a banh mi, a Vietnamese-style pork baguette. Or you could try and bag yourself some handmade crafts at a knockdown price.

But it’s when the sun goes down that the markets really come into their own. The night market is where you can step things up a gear and put your daytime haggling skills into practice by buying some fresh seafood. Fishermen bring their hauls in right by the riverside and you can purchase their catch practically straight from the net.