Novotel Phu Quoc

Novotel Phu Quoc is a truly stunning resort, another addition by the internationally recognised Novotel chain. The site resides within Phu Quoc, providing you with a wonderfully luxurious base. The hotel itself combines classic Vietnamese features with a modern twist, creating a luxurious ambience throughout. There are several pools, with one being an infinity pool, which pushes up against the sandy shoreline. Away from this, there are two main restaurants: a buffet serving up a variety of local fare as well as international cuisine, and a seafood restaurant offering an a la carte menu, open for lunch and in the evening.

Overview of Phu Quoc

Phu Quoc is an idyllic island paradise just off the coast of Cambodia. This island is a relaxing, picturesque retreat to enjoy on your holidays to Vietnam. Phu Quoc is famed for its expanse of perfect white, sandy beaches, filled with palm trees and facing the alluring waters of the Gulf of Thailand. Holidays here wouldn’t be complete without a journey through the wild forests as this island is a natural haven. 50 per cent of Phu Quoc is a natural park, so you can take advantage of the pretty setting and find unspoilt nature, heavenly waterfalls and enjoy the sun as it filters down through a canopy of exotic greenery.

Things to do in Phu Quoc

Around Novotel Pho Quoc, there is so much to see and do. The hotel is based in the island’s capital of Duong Dong, which is an interesting location, boasting traditional fishing as well as up-market resorts. You’ll be encouraged to try your hand at sea fishing, with many excursions taking place daily. You can also watch the fishing boats from the shoreline, and relax on Dinh Cau Beach, which is a charming coastline, perfect for soaking up the sunshine. When the sun goes down, there is plenty more fun to be had, especially when venturing into the night market! Brimming with exotic seafood and local crafts, as well as pearls and beautiful jewellery, the night market is a must. It was only recently that Phu Quoc started to become a more popular destination. Because of that, Phu Quoc still holds an appealing secretive island charm, luring guests in with unspoilt, white-sand coastlines and traditional island life. The beautiful Novotel Phu Quoc Hotel boasts relaxing pools and great restaurants, and it’s the ideal place to stay on your holiday to Vietnam.

Resort Summary

Its day and night markets are what make Duong Dong holidays so unique. Haggling is pretty much expected of everyone, so it’s best to try the more relaxed day market if you’re a beginner to bargaining. You can try some easy-going haggling at a street food stall to start off with, getting yourself a bargain on a banh mi, a Vietnamese-style pork baguette. Or you could try and bag yourself some handmade crafts at a knockdown price.

But it’s when the sun goes down that the markets really come into their own. The night market is where you can step things up a gear and put your daytime haggling skills into practice by buying some fresh seafood. Fishermen bring their hauls in right by the riverside and you can purchase their catch practically straight from the net.