A guide to weather in Dubai

Dubai has become a firm holiday favourite due to its amazing beaches, luxury shopping malls, stunning architecture and lively nightlife. It has a tropical desert climate that means there is very little rainfall – in fact there’s an average of just 150mm a year. In turn, the majority of days throughout the year are sunny with clear blue skies.

Thanks to the year-round hot temperatures on offer, Dubai holiday deals make both great summer and winter getaways. You’ll find hotels and public buildings here are generally well geared for the heat, including shops and restaurants. Therefore, no matter how hot it gets outside you’ll find comfortably cool interiors where air-conditioning is the norm.

Summer season

Summer season runs from May to September and is when Dubai experiences the very hottest weather. This is when the days are at their longest, with June averaging 12 hours of sunshine a day.

As a result, during June to September temperatures can reach a peak of around 41°C with lows still in the mid 20’s. All this sunshine makes sea temperatures high too, with peaks of around 30°C.

If you’re holidaying at this time of year you may find it more comfortable to spend more time in your hotel swimming pool than on the beaches. You can still make the most of everything Dubai has to offer though, regardless of the heat. With powerful air-conditioning available in almost every public space, getting around and enjoying your holiday activities is easy and comfortable. The summer season also attracts far fewer tourists, so you’re more likely to pick up an amazing holiday deal at this time.

Winter season

Visiting Dubai during December to February could be your perfect escape from the biting cold and damp at home. Even during the winter here, temperatures are still in the nice and toasty 20’s °C. The sea is still deliciously warm too, making the beaches here ideal for a relaxing swim or paddling with the kids.

Winter is when Dubai gets the most rainfall, although this usually amounts to just a few short showers. February is the wettest month of the year — yet even at this time there’s unlikely to be more than a few millimetres of rain, always followed by hot sun and clear skies. There are plenty of cheap Dubai holiday packages available around this time, and you’ll still have the break of a lifetime.

If extremely hot temperatures aren’t for you, the winter season in Dubai could be a pleasantly comfortable time of year for you to visit. You’ll also get around eight hours of sunshine a day, which is many more than back home in the UK.

Spring and autumn seasons

Spring falls between March and April in Dubai, so it’s quite a short season here. Temperatures are gearing up towards the summer months but aren’t yet at searing hot levels – daytime temperatures can reach around 36°C and even the evenings will be remain around 20°C. As a result, this can be a fantastic time to enjoy spending the evening in one of Dubai’s many chic open-air lounge-bar terraces and taking in the spectacular views.

Autumn is also just two months long and falls between October and November. It still boasts average temperatures around the mid 30’s °C, but at this time things are beginning to cool down a little. There’s a slight chance of rain, but you’re unlikely to see more than just a few drops. Taking a trip to Dubai in autumn could therefore make the perfect pick-me-up pampering trip to take in a spa, enjoy some serious retail therapy and soak up lots of glorious sunshine.