Articles about Dubai

Planning a trip to Dubai? Have a look at our articles for information on this modern desert city, including guides to nightlife, family days out and shopping spots. Our articles will also help you learn more about the architectural wonders, cuisine and best spa experiences of Dubai.

A guide to the cuisine of Dubai

Every kind of cuisine in the world has set up shop in Dubai, thanks to the city’s well-earned reputation as a global metropolis that unites cultures and ideas. During your holiday to Dubai, you can effectively eat your way around the globe with ease, with everything from your favourite fast food chains to the most exotic dishes of the Far East on offer

The best beaches of Dubai

Dubai is a superb seaside destination with several sandy beaches to choose from, many of them impressive manmade lengths. You can simply lie back, relax and soak up the sunshine. Or you can get active and try a range of watersports featuring pretty much every kind of water activity and adventure you can think of.

Nightlife in Dubai

Dubai is fast becoming one of the hottest nightlife scenes in the world, with regular visits from international DJs and superstars performing to intimate crowds. From local pubs to luxurious bars nestled in the skyline, this city has everything you could wish for.

Family days in Dubai

There’s no way that families could ever get bored in Dubai, as it’s full of theme parks, kids’ zones and activities that everyone will enjoy. As with everything in Dubai, family attractions are on a huge scale. Visit one of the world’s biggest indoor theme parks, one of the world’s tallest fountains and some of the biggest rollercoasters outside of America.

Outdoor adventures around Dubai

Famous for its ultra modern skyline and endless designer shopping, Dubai is the last place you’d think of when it comes to outdoor adventure. Surprisingly though you’ll find over 50 exciting outdoor pursuits in the region, from archery and sailing to camel polo and off-road cycling. For a break from the malls check out a few of our favourites outside the city walls.

Architectural wonders of Dubai

The architecture and grandeur that make up Dubai are almost like a game to this Middle Eastern city – it’s a constant push to build things taller, make them bigger, better and more luxurious. This applies to the buildings making up Dubai’s jagged, vertigo-inducing skyline, its shopping malls, gardens and even islands. And the city is still growing.

The best Dubai spa experiences

With more than 200 spas across Dubai, there are those offering traditional massages and treatments, while others have more unusual well-being features like rainforest rooms and thallasotherapy pools. Many people choose their hotel based on what its spa is like, or you could head out for a treat at one of the many luxury spas across the city and in the tranquil neighbouring desert oases.

The ultimate Dubai honeymoon

Utterly glamorous and with everything on a big scale, Dubai knows how to up the extravagance factor for your honeymoon. It has chic hotels offering private beaches, indulgent and romantic fine dining restaurants, and every activity possible covered in its repertoire, from skydiving to skiing, and spa trips to shopping.

Shopping in Dubai

It’s no secret that Dubai loves to shop – this UAE city has over 70 malls, with plenty more on the way. And we’re not just talking your average corner mall – shopping centres here are all about luxury and doing everything on a massive scale, usually with an entertainment centre, theatre and even an indoor ski resort mixed in to the action.

Culture of Dubai

From its food and festivals to its many religions and languages, Dubai is one of the most diverse cities in the world. Its character is a product of its culture, with a large population of both expats and locals sharing and respecting each other’s customs.