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Things to do in Zagreb

Zagreb is the capital of Croatia and easily the biggest city in the country. Although its landlocked, Zagreb makes up for its lack of shores with a plethora of museums and coffee shops, not to mention a manmade lake. That said, this vibrant city is great pick if you're looking for a cosmopolitan getaway. So, here are a few activities to sample if you're heading to Croatia.

Wander through the Museum of Broken Relationships

A place unlike any other, the Museum of Broken Relationships is just that – a space dedicated to love lost. Opened by two artists, it started as a travelling collection that eventually turned into a permanent exhibition. Inside are bits and bobs leftover from failed relationships, each offering some insight into the people that once owned them. You'll also find everything from dolls to shoes, jewellery and even an axe.

INmusic Festival

The INmusic Festival is a three day extravaganza that features some of the world's biggest names in music. It typically occurs over a weekend in June on Youth Island, which can be found in Lake Jarun, and makes for a seriously gorgeous backdrop as far as festivals go.

Time your Croatia holiday right and you can expect a feast for the ears whichever year you come, with past performances from the likes of Arcade Fire and Florence and the Machine. Ensuring variety, INmusic is broken into a number of genre-specific stages whose artists span from electronica to indie rock.

Museum of Contemporary Art

Another of Croatia's top cultural spots is the Museum of Contemporary Art. This is the biggest museum in Croatia and easily the funkiest looking too. It's a big concrete space with roomy windows occupying whole walls – the height of modern, if we say so ourselves. Inside you'll find an impressive collection of artwork by a number of Croatian artists in the form of film, photography and sculpture.

Pick up treats at Dolac Market

Dolac Market is the most popular farmer's market in Zagreb. Located right in the middle of the city behind the main square, these must-visit stalls have been around since the 1930s. You'll know you've stumbled upon it when you find yourself in a field of bright red umbrellas – and that's only half of it. The open-air elements are combined with a sheltered area on the street level, where indoor stalls are set up selling meat and dairy products.

The outdoor portions are where you'll find an abundance of local fruit and vegetables, along with handmade gifts, honey and eggs. If you want to live like the Croats do, this is the place to go.

Sip a coffee from just about anywhere

Croatia has an incredible coffee culture, featuring streets flooded with bars dedicated to caffeine drinkers and people sipping specialty javas at any given time of the day. Coffee breaks are seen as social opportunities in Zagreb and wider Croatia, so if you want to join in with the local culture this is the way to start.

From the historic square to the patio of a narrow avenue, there's no bad place to stop for a brew. Shots of espresso are standard here, as are Americanos. But if you want a latte, they're known as bijela kava.

Drink with a view at Lake Jarun

While Zagreb doesn't have much of a beach culture, it does have Lake Jarun, a manmade spot surrounded by footpaths and cycling opportunities. Hop in the water for a swim, rent a pedalo, or if you prefer to stay above the waves hire a kayak. Don't forget to stop by the pebble beach as well, here you'll find local citydwellers enjoying a suntan stint.