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Bulgaria Holidays

Still surprising visitors with fantastic summer getaways, the beaches, beauty and culture found on Bulgaria holidays continue to grow in reputation and popularity.

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Holidays on the Black Coast

Home to some fantastic holiday resorts along the Black Sea Coast, Bulgaria offers everything from amazing history to a thriving nightlife, all at a great price. Being out of the Eurozone, you'll find you'll get more for your Bulgarian Lev out here which means more spending money can be spent on shopping, dining, drinks or activities.

The contrasting holidays in Bulgaria is best represented by the neighbouring resorts of Sunny Beach and Nessebar. While one features wild summer parties and long nights out, the other is home to an old town which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Both of these resorts and the other holiday hotspots provide perfect beach settings with other areas of nature to explore across the Nessebar municipality.

Where to stay in Bulgaria

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  • Bulgarian Orthodox
  • Bulgarian Lev
  • Bulgarian
  • 7.5 Million
  • GMT + 2

Discover the long history

Bulgaria has a long and varied history that is beautifully demonstrated within Nessebar's old town. Travel along the narrow stretch of land which leads out to the peninsula town where the atmosphere of ancient spirituality has been preserved within the 44 churches, one of which has stood since the year 1000AD.

Outside of that there are other museums to see in Nessebar while Obzor Beach highlights the country's Roman history with an ancient temple dedicated to Jupiter.

Summer parties at Sunny Beach

While the culture and nature are terrific highlights of holidays in Bulgaria, thousands of visitors come to the region to sample the fantastic nights out promised by Sunny Beach.

Throughout the summer holiday season you'll find pub crawls, beach parties, foam parties, world famous DJs and so many more amazing perks on nights out in Sunny Beach. The majority of other resorts provide calmer settings with cocktails and other cold drinks enjoyed in beach bars.

Obzor Beach provides some nightly fun with a 24-hour bar based on the beach. St Vlas's marina is a romantic spot after dark while the town's hotels feature fun entertainment and music clubs.

Varied shopping options

You're never short of souvenir opportunity in Bulgaria with a plethora of tourism shops featuring typical holiday wares. Beach gear, clothing and accessories can be purchased throughout the streets of many resorts.

Places of special note include the upmarket selection of fashion at St Vlas's marina, Bulgarian wines within the wineries of Nessebar and the huge selection offered within Sunny Beach's open air shopping centre at Royal Mall.

Bulgarian cuisine

Bulgaria is central to a number of famous food countries so its cuisine encompasses Italian, Russian and Middle Eastern flavours.

Some of the popular meals here include the meat stews, grilled sausages, pork kebabs and stuffed courgettes. The Middle Eastern influence is felt with Indian styled dishes that include Bulgaria's own take on rice and curry.

Bulgarian wine is a fantastic accompanying drink to your meals while there are also a number of popular beers brewed and served throughout the country.

Getting there

Direct flights from the UK to Bourgas Airport will take approximately three and a half hours. The transfer to your accommodation will then depend on your chosen resort. Nessebar is the closest with a transfer time of just over half an hour while Obzor Beach will take around an hour to reach.

The towns are fairly close to each other so it is easy to resort-hop if you want to try an experience offered elsewhere. Taxis and buses are available or you can choose to hire a car too.