wedding rings 300x199 Do Foreign Men Marry For Love, Or Visas?

Wedded Bliss...

Most of us have been there at some point in our lives; I am talking about going on holiday and finding we have a crush on the holiday rep, barman, or local restaurant owner, and for most of us, this is how it stays, a simple crush. We know our lives are very different and that nothing would ever come of an actual romance.

Or would it? What happens when we dare to take that extra step and develop a relationship with someone who lives abroad? Perhaps we enjoy a week or two of heady romance, late night strolls along the beach, sipping cocktails as the sun sets and sharing magic moments as it rises again the next day. Then we shed tears all the way home and anxiously await the text or email that inevitably never arrives.

Some people are luckier in their holiday love though and find someone that keeps in touch when they return home. Someone that invites them back over for another holiday, someone who comes over to visit you, someone who gets on well with all of your family and friends, someone who asks you to marry them…and before you know it you are walking down the aisle looking forward to settling down to married life here in the UK.

Before I begin to sound too cynical I have to admit that some of these marriages are genuine and they do work out, however many of them are not, and they don’t.

marriage certificate 300x200 Do Foreign Men Marry For Love, Or Visas?

Marriage Certificate

For those of us that take holidays abroad, we have to accept that some countries are perhaps not quite as well off as ours. Countries where some men are forced to work long hours for very little money, most of which goes to help their underprivileged families. Holiday season is a fruitful time of year for these men, jobs are aplenty and so are the foreign women who they can usually woo with a cheeky smile and small amount of flattery in their pigeon English. And I am by no means saying that British women are gullible or by any means stupid. For some, especially perhaps older women who are on their own, the flattery is just a little fun and an ego boost that brightens up their holiday, or at least it is at first. Some foreign men have only one thing on their mind when they begin a holiday romance and that is to find a way to come to the UK. They wine, dine and seduce sometimes unsuspecting females and before they know it have had their marriage proposal accepted and are on their way to a new life in the UK. For them, love doesn’t actually come into the equation, just how fast they can get their visa.

Many British women are duped into marrying foreign men truly believing that they are in love, but for many the dream dies before the ink is even dry on the marriage certificate and their foreign beau has disappeared off into the sunset before the wedding photos are even developed.

heather trott 300x232 Do Foreign Men Marry For Love, Or Visas?

Cheryl Fergison and her young Moroccan Lover

Eastenders actress Cheryl Fergison who plays unlucky in love Heather Trott in the soap, recently made the headlines for announcing she is to marry her Moroccan toy boy. She met her intended on the internet and the couple are set to marry following a whirlwind romance.  Many are sceptical about her fiancés intentions, however only he knows his true reasons for marrying a British woman and only time will tell the rest of the world and Ms Fergison whether his intentions were honourable or not.

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